Parent Survey - June 2021

What parents say about us...

Why did you choose Ducklings Preschool?

"Ducklings has always had a homely feeling to it. The outdoor space and resources available is outstanding. The staff are truly amazing and I am so grateful for all they do."


"Because no other nursery came close when looking for our eldest son, felt the warmth and care the second I entered on viewing."

"All the space and the fantastic management and teaching staff. Having Danielle in the office being so efficient, friendly and solution orientated makes a huge difference and, as we had to make the decision without viewing, it was one of the main reasons we chose Ducklings. I can't emphasise enough how this sets Ducklings aside from some of the other pre-schools and nurseries who were not prompt to respond and more disorganised."

"I chose Ducklings because of the lovely environment and how kind the staff were."

"It was recommended to me."

"It was a combination of a wonderful facility and the trust I immediately felt in the manager when I first met her, I knew my child would do really well there. My child’s letter and number recognition have come on in leaps and bounds, I’m so impressed in her confidence. "

"Impressed by facilities and staff, felt amount of space and activities would suit our son very well. Good references from parents of children who were previously enrolled at Ducklings."

"I moved my daughter when she was 3.5 to Ducklings and I liked the fact it was set in a school to help her transition to big school. I had also been told how fantastic the team at Ducklings was and how children enjoy attending. I think the team go above and beyond to make the setting home from home."

"Because of the space within the setting and its resources, and the children seemed to be very happy there. The staff were approachable and informative and friendly."

What do you like about Ducklings Preschool?

"Everything, especially how well things have been managed over this difficult year. It is great how there is so much outdoor activity and natural learning, something our child thrives on. The staff have been fantastic and excellent at communication."

"Ducklings is a rich learning environment. The friendly and supportive staff put the children first always, making the children and their families feel at ease and secure."

"Friendly staff and welcoming. Nothing is too much trouble. Very well run."

"How happy the children are and the right balance of professionalism but flexibility and friendly ethos."

"I like the fact that all of the staff are very kind, caring and easy to speak to. It is also a wonderful setting, allowing children the opportunity to be outside as much as they want to. I also like how flexible the staff seem to be when there is an issue, for example my daughter hurt her foot and I was encouraged to send her back to nursery but provisions were put in place so that she didn't hurt it any further."

"It is so well managed and organised. The staff are kind, caring and thoughtful. I honestly can't praise you all enough, you all work so hard and Emma is an amazing leader."

"The Pre-School is extremely well organised and managed and my daughter has absolutely loved being there. The staff are all very friendly and regularly tells me about which staff member she has been talking to each day, showing me that they giver her the time and interact with her despite being very busy. When she was a little nervous of school previously they made great efforts to encourage her and get her to settle. Both the outdoor and indoor space available to the children is amazing."

"I love the building facilities, and that it has so much space; indoor gym, it is better equipped than my child’s school."

"To me it feels like there is a very strong shared core value of kindness, and it is very child focused. All the staff are kind, and gentle and caring, and make me feel very re-assured that my child will be well cared for. All the communication is compassionate, and in particular the manager and Danielle are very gifted in connecting with the adults, extremely professional. "


"The Ducklings team and management are fantastic. The activities arranged by the team go above and beyond. Everyday is an exciting new educational day, my child has learnt so much since joining. There are so many things on offer with an amazing outdoor space. I can freely talk to all the team and know any concerns will be dealt with and supported."

"All the staff are friendly and extremely caring towards my child. I really enjoy Tapestry, seeing what she has been doing and how she is learning/ developing. This two way communication is excellent!"

"The staff are friendly and dedicated and work hard to ensure the children meet their targets in a caring way."

Any other comments?

A chance for you to tell us anything that we have done well or if we have not lived up to your expectations.

"You have taken care of, raised, taught and provided for our child so well over such a difficult period. We are very sad this stage is coming to an end but so lucky Ducklings has helped us and our child through it. Thank you all so much."

"Ducklings has exceeded our expectation - it's all the extra bits that sets it above. Things like the Elmer Tea Party and the overall energy of the staff and their commitment to ensuring the children are happy and fulfilled. I especially like the newsletter and the way the parents are kept up to date with regular and clear communications. Thank you to Danielle, Emma and all the amazing staff."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have done everything and more for my daughter."

"Just no amount of thanks or praise will ever be enough for everything you have done for our 2 boys and family, thank you for being so amazing."

"My daughter struggled when she first started Ducklings because she had only ever been cared for by family but after several weeks of support and encouragement by the staff she has excelled and continues to excel. She enjoys it so much that she now asks to attend on days that she isn't due to. I am very sad that she will be leaving in a few weeks for school as it has been such a lovely experience but will continue to tell others how brilliant you all are. Thank  you for all of your support."

"Thumbs-up for the communication and feedback regarding COVID safety measures."

"Absolutely first class pre-school. Couldn't be improved upon."

"My whole experience has been amazing, especially handling my non conventional time keeping!! Thanks to you for the past 2.5 years of taking such great care of my daughter. She really does love it there and will miss it greatly."

"I think the weekly updates are beautifully written, you get a sense of warmth and all the info you need."

"All communication is promptly responded too, all the staff are interested in the parents and the children; there is a really lovely sense of calm and fun about the place."

"I think it’s a fantastic preschool and I will certainly be recommending you to other parents in the future. Emma, Leanne, Diana, Hannah, Lisa, Alice (sorry if I missed anyone) you are a fantastic team, thank you. Communication from Danielle is excellent!"

"We are just so grateful we enrolled our son at Ducklings. He has made amazing progress in a relatively short space of time and enjoys going there."