Starting at Ducklings

If you're thinking of registering with Ducklings we recommend booking a visit and coming to see what we do and where we are, whilst taking the opportunity to speak with our staff and see the setting in action. If other commitments make booking a visit difficult, there is a wealth of information on our website (and Facebook page) and we welcome a phone call or email to answer any questions you might have.
Our sessions hours are Monday to Friday, term time only, as follows:-
Mornings, 9am - 12pm
Mornings + Lunch, 9am - 1pm
Afternoon, 12pm - 3pm
All Day, 9am - 3pm
If you choose to register for a place at Ducklings Pre-School the next step is to complete an Application Form and return it to our Administrator. Our Administrator will walk you through the registration requirements, book settling in sessions for your child, and answer any questions you have along the way.
We book at least one, preferably two, settling in sessions for your child in the weeks leading up to their official start date. Settling in sessions last for two hours and are free of charge. Parents/carers do not have to stay during settling in visits unless they feel their child will need them to be present. We work with families to tailor settling in sessions to each individual child's needs; please speak to us if you have any concerns.
After completing the required registration forms you will receive a Welcome Pack confirming your start date and which member of our staff team will be your Key Person. Your Key Person will be there to welcome you and your child on your first day and throughout the settling in period. If your child forms a stronger bond with a different member of staff we will change the key person to meet their needs.
On your first day you should bring with you:-
A pair of wellingtons to keep in the setting for outdoor play
A bag with change of clothes
If needed, nappy (pants) & wipes
For full day or lunch sessions: a packed lunch (unless you have ordered a Ducklings lunch)
Weather appropriate outdoor clothing - coat, hat, suncream, etc
(Please clearly label all items with your child's name)
In our cloakroom, your child will have their own peg (with their picture) and a drawer for any creations they wish to take home. Your key person will show you where these are on your first day.
We look forward to meeting you soon!